The Rolls Royce of pool cleaners

Time saving, energy efficient, user-friendly features – these are just some of the enticing reasons property owners are turning to fully automated systems to help maintain their swimming pool.

In-floor cleaning systems are one of those pool solutions that do all of the hard work for you. Consisting of a series of small and inconspicuous pop-up cleaning heads, they are built-in flush throughout the pool floor, steps and benches prior to construction.

Virtually invisible, these jets are strategically located in various zones (depending on the size and shape of your pool), where they pop up – similar to a garden sprinkler – to direct dirt and debris towards an in-floor drain point, usually located in the deepest part of the pool. Once the dirt is removed from the drain point by the pump, it then passes into the filtration system where it gets trapped.

Though in-floor pool cleaning systems have been around for years, nothing currently on the market compares with the energy efficiency and reliability of Waterco’s Blue Square Q360. With less moving parts and a revolutionary valve design that propels water through the system, it automatically cleans most of the pool regardless of its shape or size – even while you are relaxing or swimming laps in the water.

Its impressive 360°, 14-point rotation in-floor mounted cleaning jets are aerospace-engineered (yes, that’s right!) for maximum flow rate and even water distribution, which is great news for owners of heated pools in cool climates. Also, it can handle high debris levels so there is no need for an additional cleaner with hoses and cords to become entangled in.

Blue Square’s automated rotating jets evenly distribute cleaning power and increase the circulation of your pool water. This results in less algae growth, better heat and chemical dissipation with increased operating efficiencies, and the all-important reduction in chemical and heating costs.

With five different cleaning jet options to coordinate with your pool’s finish, you’re no longer limited to one stock-standard colour. On top of that, replacement heads are easy to remove and install. Combine that with Waterco’s Trimline Leaf Trapper, which features a high-capacity bag design, and you have a sophisticated pool cleaning system that enables you to spend less time on your pool and more time in it.