R360 Infloor Replacement Jets

Upgrade your existing in-floor system effortlessly and affordably with our R360 Infloor Replacement Jets. We have introduced retro-fit infloor jets that are specifically designed to enhance your pool’s cleaning performance. With the R360 retro-fit infloor jets, you can easily transform your pool without breaking the bank.

Our R360 Infloor Replacement Jets are engineered and manufactured to seamlessly fit into the collars of other manufacturers systems, including the Paramount PV3, PC2000 and Caretaker Bayonet. No need for complicated installations or costly modifications – simply snap and lock our retro-fit jets into the existing collars, and you’re good to go.

What sets our R360 replacement jets apart is their innovative ratchet system. Unlike random cleaning patterns, our jets operate on a reliable and efficient ratchet system, ensuring thorough and consistent cleaning every time. Say goodbye to inconsistent cleaning patterns and hello to a pristine pool that sparkles with cleanliness.

Upgrade your pool effortlessly and experience the efficiency and reliability of our R360 infloor jets. With quick and easy installation, enhanced cleaning performance, and compatibility with various competitor systems, it’s time to take your pool maintenance to the next level with the R360 Replacement Jets.











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